Spaceweather Alerts User Control Panel

Welcome to the Spaceweather Alerts User Control Panel service.

You can update specific alert settings for your Spaceweather Alerts account by logging in to our custom user Control Panel available here.

  • Update Alert Settings: Click on the Login menu in the upper right of this page and use your email address and password that you used when you first created your account.
  • Recover Password: If you do not remember your password you can go to the forgot password form.
  • Update Subscription Details: Change items such as your password, phone number for alerts, payment method for your subscription, etc at our Customer Portal.
  • Alert Details: Read about how our alerts works and what each one is for and what each level of alert indicates on our About page.
  • Additional Help: Write to us at and we will respond to you just as quickly as we can.

Thank you for your subscription and we hope you find this control panel useful. If you have suggestions for possible new features to our service, changes to the control panel, etc. click on our Suggestions link above. This type of feedback is invalauable to us and we appreciate your comments greatly. Thanks!